TRAGSA Group in proDataMarket project

The Tragsa Group forms part of the group of companies of the State-owned holding company Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI).

It is incorporated by Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A. (Tragsa), the parent company founded in 1977 for the performance of rural development works and services, environmental conservation and emergency relief operations. Its first subsidiary Tecnologías y Servicios Agrarios, S.A (Tragsatec), which was established in 1990 for carrying out consulting and engineering projects, and Colonización y Transformación Agraria, S.A (CYTASA), incorporated in Paraguay in November 1978. Recently, in 2013, the company Tragsa Brasil Desarrollo de Proyectos Agrarios, LTDA was created.

Its 37 years of experience working for the public authorities to the service of society have placed this business group at the forefront of the different sectors in which it operates, from the provision of agricultural, forestry, livestock, and rural development services, to the conservation and protection of the environment.

The company’s broad national reach, which has branches in all the provinces of Spain’s 17 Autonomous Communities, allows it to respond independently, quickly and effectively to any urgent requirement of the central, regional or local government.

What we do

The Tragsa Group provides comprehensive solutions to the needs of public administrations as regards environmental issues, rural development and management of natural resources, with proven responsiveness.

Thanks to its extensive national and international experience, it can meet the requests of its clients, providing those unique factors that identify the Group with quality, such as its large, highly qualified staff, its steadfast commitment to innovation in R&D&I, its commitment to the environment and a lasting respect toward society.

Its activity in the domestic market, which accounts for 96% of its volume of business, has been mainly focused in recent years on environmental activities (30%), rural infrastructure (17%), information technologies (15%) and irrigation, water management and technology and agro-processing facilities and rural equipment (13%).

The Tragsa Group’s priority is respect for and commitment to the environment, while minimizing the environmental impact of our activities, establishing alternative measures that are respectful of the environment, and contributing by the very nature of our activity to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity.

Role in proDataMarket project

Due to the nature of TRAGSA as state owned company, one of company’s main commitments is not only keeping the information, but also returning them to its final owner (Public Administration) increased and improved. Furthermore, TRAGSA services must offer rural society growth opportunities and development choices. Therefore, proDataMarket, aligned with our strategic goals, also offers TRAGSA an opportunity of extending the knowledge of the company in Big Data and its reutilization. TRAGSA participates as ProDataMarket data supplier, providing the project with several data resources from Spain. The data sources are varied and related with several fields as cadastre, agricultural parcel, land cover, land use and environmental information among others.

TRAGSA, as business case provider in the project, will develop the CAPAS service which focus is to publish and integrate multi-sectorial data from several sources into an existing data-intensive service targeting better and fairer Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) funds assignments to farmers and land owners. The goal is to leverage the data integration facilities offered by proDataMarket, to better define the funds assignments.

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