SINTEF: Project leader and technology provider in proDataMarket

SINTEF is Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization. SINTEF is multidisciplinary, with international top-level expertise in a wide range of technological and scientific disciplines, including areas such as ICT, medicine, and the social sciences. SINTEF’s company vision is “technology for a better society”, and it is an important aspect of SINTEF’s societal role to contribute to the creation of more jobs. SINTEF acts as an incubator, commercialising technologies through the establishment of new companies. SINTEF is represented in proDataMarket by Information and Communication Technology (SINTEF ICT) through the department for Networked Systems and Services (NSS).

Role in the project: SINTEF is the project leader of proDataMarket, and in addition serves as a technology provider in the project. SINTEF’s technical focus is on the technical infrastructure of the proDataMarket platform related to data management technologies, in particular data publishing and access, helping organizations with cost-effective solutions for (linked open) data management. Our goal is to promote standardisation with mechanisms for defining structure and semantics of data, as well as improve the interoperability and transparency among data publishers and consumers through leveraging the linked data format. Technically, we are constructing a software framework that consists of a frontend and a set of platform services that support reusable data cleaning and reconfiguration based on pluggable static, dynamic or streaming input in various formats (e.g., relational databases, CSV files, WMS/WFS services, etc.). Outputs will be published on the proDataMarket platform and available to end users and other publishers through a secured set of platform services such as SPARQL query endpoints and RESTful APIs. This framework is meant to provide automation for significantly reducing the manual effort involved in the highly laborious process of data retrieval and aggregation.

In proDataMarket, SINTEF reuses and extends its data reconfiguration solutions from the DaPaaS project. In particular, we plan to further develop the Grafterizer tool for data cleaning and linked data mapping of tabular inputs.

SpazioDati in proDataMarket project

SpazioDati, founded in 2012 in Trento, is a Big Data & Semantic Web company. Its main product, Dandelion API, enables users to analyze and enrich their content by connecting it with a Knowledge Graph. SpazioDati’s Graph holds millions of facts, which are collected by combining Open Data sources with proprietary, high­-quality, data provided by partners.


From text to actionable data
SpazioDati’s services allow extraction of meaning from unstructured text and thus enabling further operations on the contextual information. We support a wide range of use cases such as: enriching existing databases, building smart search engines and recommender systems on document collections, adding location knowledge to web apps, automatically tagging products on e-commerce sites, using data to create infographics and marketing research and many more!


Role in proDataMarket project
SpazioDati will act as the technical coordinator of proDataMarket. We will support other partners helping them to deliver better products. We will provide a data platform where various third party data providers and data consumers will be able to interact in a novel and modern manner. proDataMarket will enable efficient and effective processes for opening up and reuse of multilingual property data and allow for innovative new ways to consume property-related data. The platform will generate wider use of those data, and enrich them through transfer of innovative analytic solutions and services.

The infrastructure we are building will allow end-users to have access on reliable, up to date, and consistent property-related data through a simple API, allowing them to build better product.

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