New release of DataGraft!

We are delighted to announce the second beta release of the DataGraft platform!

What is DataGraft?

DataGraft serves as the core of the proDataMarket producer portal. DataGraft is an online platform that provides data transformation, publishing and hosting capabilities that aim to simplify the data publishing lifecycle for data workers (i.e., Open Data publishers, Linked Data developers, data scientists).

The DataGraft platform mainly consists of three components – the DataGraft portal, Grafterizer and a cloud-enabled semantic graph database-as-a-service (as shown on the picture below), which is based on a dedicated instance of the Ontotext GraphDB Cloud platform mentioned in a previous blog post.

Main components of DataGraft platform

What’s new?

DataGraft has undergone major changes since the previous version:

  • New asset types for the catalogue and better sharing between users of the platform
    • SPARQL endpoints
    • queries
    • file pages
  • Improved Grafterizer capabilities
    • conditional RDF mappings
    • support various types and formats of tabular inputs
  • Versioning of assets
    • browsing
    • recording of provenance when copying assets
  • Visual browsing of SPARQL endpoints (using RDF Surveyor)
  • New Dashboard
    • more control of user assets
    • instant search and various filters
  • Improved security (authentication) using OAuth2
  • REST API improvements using Swagger
  • Updated version of the semantic graph database, which now supports geospatial queries and serialisation to GeoJSON
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Updated user documentation
  • Quota management console allowing users to track their use of resources on the platform

DataGraft beta 2 is available for testing on and more details can be found in the platform documentation here. All platform code except the GraphDB Cloud component (used as a service) is open-source and is available on GitHub.


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