The organisation

Formed in September 2009, Cerved Group (http://www.cervedgroup.com/) has now become the Italian leader in the field of business information. Among its services, Cerved is specialized in the analysis and distribution of company-based information ranging from commercial to financial and legal data and it offers the most complete and dependable range of business information services available on the market.

  • Cerved’s key figures:
  • Revenues (2012): 290,9 M€
  • 1.200 collaborators
  • 33.000 customers:
  • 80% of the 1000 largest Italian corporations
  • 90% of Italian Banks

By integrating the skills and vast experience of Centrale dei Bilanci, Cerved, Lince, Databank, Finservice, Consit and Cerved Credit Management, the Group has acquired a new competitive impetus and a fresh ability to expand its product offering in order to provide concrete solutions to its clientele.

The Group can count on the talents of over 1,200 people who are dedicated to improving and refining the products and services we offer to over 33,000 clients. Our ongoing commitment is to remain the leading player in Italian business information and to create value for our clients and partners. Thanks to this constant dedication, we are the first and only Italian rating agency to be certified as an ECAI by the Bank of Italy.

Relevant skills

Cerved provides a wide range of expertise in the field of business information and innovation (see for example the innovative products Lince and Bcircles mentioned below). Cerved IT Department with more than 45 different portal (either B2B or B2C) delivers more than 1,000 reports a minute every day in Italy to more than 50.000 users. To reach these figures of deliveries, which have doubled in last 3 years due to market growth and M&A activities, Cerved IT has introduced different IT innovations: in particular NOSQL DB (either graph or document database) and new performing language (for example Scala) in some key parts of its architecture. Service-oriented architecture skills were developed in different stages integrating different technologies. The IT department also has significant expertise in search technologies (Lucene), continuous integration, deployment and maintenance of large scale mission-critical systems.

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