The organisation
Istat, ( The Italian National Institute of Statistics is a public research organisation. It has been present in Italy since 1926, and is the main producer of official statistics in the service of citizens and policy-makers. It operates in complete independence and continuous interaction with national and international academic and scientific communities. The mission of the Italian National Institute of Statistics is to serve the community by producing and communicating high-quality statistical information, analyses and forecasts in complete independence and in accordance with the strictest ethical and professional principles and most up-to-date scientific standards, in order to develop detailed knowledge of Italy’s environmental, economic and social dimensions at various levels of geographical detail.

One of its most important tasks is the realization of general censuses: population and housing, industry and services, and agriculture. Istat is also responsible for conducting most of the surveys included in the National Statistical Programme, the series of surveys and data processing considered essential for the Nation. As the main producer of national statistics, it provides data and releases information to EU statistical authorities and international organizations. In this context, Istat’s international activity is constantly growing and being carried out through increasingly several forms of participation. Istat participates actively in the decision-making processes that underpin the construction and implementation of the European Statistical System (ESS) and provides the expertise necessary for the development and harmonization of official statistics at international level.

Relevant skills

Integration, Quality, Research and Production Networks Development Department and particularly the Information and Communication Technology Directorate provide expertise in data quality assessment, data collection, data warehousing, data modeling, metadata and ontologies, data transmission and data dissemination. Istat play a leading role in SDMX-RI project, based on international SDMX standard for statistical data exchange.

Istat takes part in the Open Data Working Group and the Task Force on Strategic Project on common ESS policies for free access and re-use of data within Eurostat’s activities. It also participated in the working group of the Commission to coordinate the System of Public Connectivity of AGID (Agency for Digital Italy), contributing to the drafting of the “Guidelines for semantic interoperability through Linked Open Data”.

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