The organisation
Ontotext (http://ontotext.com/) is the leading provider of semantic technology products and services distinctive for its performance, compliance with open standards. Ontotext is the developer of GraphDB (formerly OWLIM), one of the most scalable semantic databases. Ontotext’s technology delivers real-world applications in the area of Life Sciences, Media & Publishing, Online Recruitment, Cultural Heritage & Digital Libraries, and eGovernment. Our customers include big pharmaceuticals (AstraZeneca, UBC), top-5 US military contractor, leading UK media & news agencies (BBC, Press Association, Financial Times), as well as various organisations with big digital archives (The British Museum, the UK Parliament).

Ontotext has participated in several projects in FP5, FP6, and FP7, which allowed it to invest more than 150 person-years in product development. At present Ontotext has about 60 employees in its offices in Bulgaria, UK and USA. Ontotext is represented in this consortium by its CTO Marin Dimitrov and its Cloud Services group.

Relevant skills
Ontotext has extensive expertise with data integration based on Linked Data in various domains (Life Sciences, Media and Publishing, Cultural Heritage) as well as its expertise with scalable and highly available RDF databases and data services. Ontotext has been involved in various research and industrial projects in the area of large scale Linked Data management and its RDF database has already been successfully employed in production scenarios involving several millions queries per day.

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