The organisation
Statsbygg ( is a public sector administration company responsible to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD), Statsbygg provides appropriate, functional premises to public sector enterprises, as well as realizing prevailing sociopolitical objectives in relation to architecture, governmental planning interests, preservation of heritage sites and the environment. Statsbygg has 860 employees, of which around one-half are construction personnel connected to properties. The head office is situated in Oslo and there are regional offices in Oslo, Porsgrunn, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.

Statsbygg’s core business fields are property management, construction, consultancy and
property development. Statsbygg manages approx. 2,7 million square meters of floor space, in Norway and abroad. As a building commissioner, at any given time, Statsbygg organizes, plans and implements around 160 projects – both large and small – of which 20-30 major projects are completed every year.

Relevant skills
Statsbygg maintains its property data in an internal database and has domain experts in property data, property management and are familiar with the regulations and rules which are important in property data integration. Statsbygg has earlier driven several integration projects with the national cadastral database using GIS tools.

Statsbygg has also contributed its property data and expertise in cross-sectorial projects like the project to register cultural historical heritage buildings, the building universal design project, the yearly state-owned property report etc. The experiences and lessons learned from those projects will be a solid and valuable input to the proDataMarket project.

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