The organisation

TRAGSA Group ( is a state owned company which provides the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and other public bodies with engineering and infrastructure services, consultancy services and management-related technical and administrative support. TRAGSA Group is a leading company in environment, wildlife conservancy, agronomics, and forestry matters, and counts on a wide experience in all these fields.

TRAGSA Group counts on an Innovation, Research and Development Unit in charge of the monitoring, management, technical support and financial tasks of the R&D projects carried out by the different units of the company. The Spanish Forest Map, the National Forest Inventory, and the SIGPAC ortophoto web server are only a few examples of national projects carried out by the company for the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.

Tecnologias y Servicios Agrarios, S.A. [TRAGSATEC]: TRAGSATEC, a subsidiary
company member of TRAGSA Group and also owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environment, is a highly specialised engineering company mainly focused on providing the Spanish Public administration with technology services (mainly IT) in all rural-related sectors (agriculture, fishery, rural development, environment, etc.) and technical assistance related to agrarian infrastructure and Rural areas improvement. It is a specialised company that relies on its own technology to execute projects and provide technical assistance in relation to agrarian infrastructure and development of rural zones. TRAGSATEC will act as third party firm.

Specifically, TRAGSATEC will make available its personnel resources as a third party to TRAGSA. Fundamentally, the tasks implemented by TRAGSA will concern the management, control and dissemination of results. Likewise, TRAGSA will monitor and supervise TRAGSATEC’s tasks. TRAGSA also develops technical tasks regarding web publishing and basic structures, as information repository. On the other hand, TRAGSATEC’s tasks will concern, mainly, technical development of the project.

TRAGSA group is represented in this consortium by parent firm TRAGSA.

Relevant skills

TRAGSA is the keeper of huge amounts of geographical and environmental data: land cover, land use, parcel property registry, etc… and, also, has wide knowledge and experience about its processing, publishing and improvement. The company counts, therefore, with very valuable knowledge about public information which could be much better exploited using tools such as the ones to be developed in the present proposal. Also, TRAGSA has a wide experience in the management of research and innovation projects (FP6, FP7, Interreg, LIFE).

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